Project Online and
Project Server Support
(PPM and EPM)

MLPro has a team of specialists to serve our customers and has a practical, simple and fast process for greater speed and efficiency in answering and resolving calls.


The quality of MLPro Service is present in all our customer service channels.


Our service process is based on the structure below:

  • It aims to provide second level support for the Administrator and one (1) key user.
  • The key user or Administrator at the customer concentrates and pre-evaluates internal support demands before opening a ticket in MLPro.
  • If he can meet the demand himself, there is no need to open the call. If not, you will open an MLPro ticket for the question and will be instructed how to proceed with the open item. This structure in answering calls allows the transfer of knowledge to the customer.
  • The Call is simply and quickly opened on the project site itself.
  • Our expert team will handle, follow up and close the call.
  • SLA Reporting: Upon commencement of work, MLPro will send a monthly Service Level Agreement (SLA) email tracking report, enabling the customer to track the time each call is answered.

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